NingXia Red: Known scientifically as Lycium barbarum and popularly as the goji berry, the wolfberry boasts a storied presence in Eastern medicine, with its use dating back thousands of years. Native to the nutrient-rich valleys of China, Mongolia, and Tibet, this vibrant orange-red berry is revered not just for its taste but also for its healing properties. Ancient texts and practices in traditional Chinese medicine advocate for the wolfberry, citing its capacity to enhance longevity, vitality, vision, and liver function.

Ancient writings further illuminate the wolfberry’s value; for instance, the ‘Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing’ lauds it for vision enhancement. The ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ by Li Shizhen, on the other hand, highlights its kidney and liver health benefits. These historical documents, alongside enduring traditional practices, recognize the wolfberry’s multifaceted ability to not only improve longevity and strengthen the immune system but also to boost energy and support sexual health.

This wide-ranging application of the wolfberry underscores a holistic health perspective, embracing everything from enhanced vision to increased vitality. Moreover, modern research delving into the wolfberry’s abundant antioxidants and polysaccharides is starting to provide scientific validation for these ancient beliefs. It’s a compelling fusion of historical wisdom with contemporary understanding of health and nutrition.

Nutritional Breakdown

The wolfberry, known for its significant health benefits, boasts a dense nutritional profile. It’s particularly rich in antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein, essential for eye health. Additionally, it contains substantial amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, iron, zinc, and specialized polysaccharides, marking it as a bioactive powerhouse.

Polysaccharides, key to the wolfberry’s impact, are complex carbohydrates that bolster health. Found in the wolfberry, a key ingredient in NingXia Red, these compounds play a crucial role in supporting the immune system by regulating the body’s defense mechanisms.

Specifically, Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs) within the wolfberry fortify the immune system. They activate crucial immune cells — macrophages devour invaders, natural killer cells target infected cells, and T-cells guide the overall immune response. This action enhances the immune system’s efficiency in recognizing and neutralizing threats.

Incorporating NingXia Red into your diet, therefore, does more than just supply vital nutrients. Its rich content of LBPs aids in fortifying the body’s defense system. This transformative quality underscores why NingXia Red transcends being merely a nutritional drink; it acts as a formidable tool for maintaining immune health.

What is NingXia Red? A Unique Formulation

Fundamentally, Young Living’s NingXia Red takes the wolfberry’s impressive benefits and combines them with superfruits such as plums, aronia, cherries, blueberries, and pomegranates. Consequently, this blend not only increases the antioxidant capacity but also amplifies the overall health benefits. Additionally, the inclusion of therapeutic-grade essential oils like orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine contributes more than delightful flavors. Indeed, these oils introduce critical compounds such as limonene and citral, known for their antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. Therefore, NingXia Red transcends being merely a nutrient-dense beverage, emerging as a delicious way to bolster your body’s defense system.

Specifically, each fruit in NingXia Red brings unique antioxidants to the table. For instance, plums add anthocyanins and quercetin, aiding in anti-inflammation and heart health. Similarly, aronia berries enrich the formula with vitamin C and polyphenols, fortifying immune defense and resistance to oxidative stress. Moreover, cherries, with their anthocyanins and vitamin C, facilitate muscle recovery. Likewise, blueberries contribute flavonoids that support brain health, while pomegranates, packed with punicalagins and ellagic acid, are instrumental in promoting heart health and cancer prevention.

Furthermore, when these fruits are combined with the citrus essential oils that provide limonene and bioflavonoids, the result is a significant enhancement of NingXia Red’s antioxidant profile. This diverse blend of antioxidants collaboratively works to protect cells, mitigate inflammation, and strengthen the immune system. Ultimately, this highlights NingXia Red’s role in promoting overall wellness and longevity.

Why NingXia Red Stands Out

NingXia Red’s strength is not just in its nutritional content; it provides a holistic health solution. Firstly, it combats oxidative stress and, secondly, bolsters immune function. Additionally, it boosts energy levels and supports eye health, among various other advantages. Furthermore, its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with the therapeutic effects of essential oils, distinguishes NingXia Red in the wellness market. Consequently, this makes NingXia Red not only unique but arguably the most potent antioxidant available today.

Each NingXia Red serving has the power of:

  • 30 grams of wolfberries (in a whole Ningxia wolfberry puree)
  • 5 grams of cherries
  • 9 grams of blueberries
  • 4 grams of pomegranate
  • 6 grams of plums
  • 5 g of aronia
  • 19 amino acids (equals 5.8 grams of protein)
  • 22 trace minerals
  • 5 unsaturated fatty acids, plus polysaccharides
  • A whopping 7mg of beta carotene (that’s 180% of your Vitamin A)
  • Vitamins B1, B6, B2 (100%), C (300%), and E (90%)
  • Essential minerals like Calcium (10%), Potassium (24%), Iron (100%), Selenium (91%), and Zinc (18%)
  • Young Living® Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, and Yuzu essential oils

Clinical Study: Empirical Evidence of Efficacy

A landmark clinical study on NingXia Red provides concrete evidence of its health benefits. Conducted with the rigor of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, the study examined the effects of daily consumption of NingXia Red on various health markers.

Study Findings

Antioxidant Enhancement

Participants consuming NingXia Red exhibited a significant increase in antioxidant levels, demonstrating the supplement’s capacity to combat oxidative stress and support cellular health.

Immune Function

The study documented improvements in immune system markers among NingXia Red consumers, highlighting its role in bolstering the body’s defense mechanisms.

Energy and Well-being

Reports of enhanced energy levels and an overall sense of well-being from study participants underscore NingXia Red’s impact on vitality and quality of life.

Cardiovascular Health

Positive trends in cardiovascular health metrics, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels, were observed, suggesting NingXia Red’s potential to support heart health.

Link to study here:

Adding NingXia Red to your Health Routine

Incorporating NingXia Red into your daily life is straightforward. You can enjoy it as a quick shot, blend it into your morning smoothie, or sip it as a refreshing drink in the afternoon. Moreover, its delightful taste and health benefits make NingXia Red a perfect addition to any diet focused on wellness. Therefore, it seamlessly fits into various lifestyles, offering both versatility and convenience.

How to Buy NingXia Red

After discovering the benefits and unique qualities of NingXia Red, you might be wondering how to incorporate this product into your life. As a Young Living Brand Partner, I’m here not only to guide you through the purchase process but also to support you as you embark on this exciting wellness journey.

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NingXia Red - Starter Bundle

NingXia Red Starter Bundle

  • NingXia Red® 2-pack
  • 30 NingXia Red Singles, 30 ct.
  • NingXia Nitro, 14 ct.

The NingXia Red Starter Bundle offers an excellent introduction to the benefits of this nutrient-rich drink. Including a selection of NingXia Red bottles, convenient single-serve packets and NingXia Nitro.

NingXia Nitro is a tasty wolfberry drink infused with essential oils and botanical extracts, including D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract. Initially, it boosts cognitive alertness and improves mental fitness. Additionally, it supports overall performance. Looking for a boost? Turn to NingXia Nitro. Not only does it enhance physical performance, but it also raises energy levels, sharpens the mind, and increases focus.

NingXia Red - Make a Shift Wellness Kit

Make a Shift Wellness Kit

  • NingXia Red Singles, 30 ct.
  • NingXia Nitro, 14 ct.
  • Orange Vitality essential oil
  • Lime Vitality essential oil

The Make a Shift Wellness Kit is ideal for those who like single-serve packets instead of bottles. It is a lower price point than the Starter Bundle as it comes with a total of 60 oz of NingXia, compared to the Starter Bundle which comes with 110 oz.

NingXia Nitro is a tasty wolfberry drink infused with essential oils and botanical extracts, including D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract. Initially, it boosts cognitive alertness and improves mental fitness. Additionally, it supports overall performance. Looking for a boost? Turn to NingXia Nitro. Not only does it enhance physical performance, but it also raises energy levels, sharpens the mind, and increases focus.

NingXia Red - Reset Kit

Make a Shift Reset Kit

  • 51 NingXia Red® 2 oz. Singles

If you want to reset your health, try the Make a Shift Reset Kit. It has a 14-day plan. On days 1 to 3, drink up to 2 pouches, three times daily. From days 4 to 14, drink 1 pouch, up to three times a day. Combine this with more water, healthy foods, and some exercise for a full body reset.

The Seed to Seal® Difference 

To truly grasp the value of NingXia Red, it’s essential to look beyond its impressive nutritional profile to Young Living’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. This commitment is embodied in their Seed to Seal® promise, ensuring NingXia Red not only supports your wellness but also contributes positively to our planet’s health.

Sourcing and Seed Selection

The journey to excellence begins with selecting the right seeds, specifically those from wolfberries known for their potency and effectiveness. These selected seeds are planted in the fertile, nutrient-rich soil of the Ningxia region, an area celebrated for its pristine environmental conditions perfect for nurturing premium-quality wolfberries.

Cultivation and Sustainability

In adherence to sustainable farming, Young Living employs natural practices for pest control and soil nutrition, avoiding synthetic chemicals. This approach ensures the wolfberry’s natural purity is preserved, reflecting a deep respect for nature throughout the cultivation process.

Harvesting and Production

Harvesting occurs when the wolfberries reach their nutritional zenith, followed by a gentle, low-temperature drying process. Such meticulous care in harvesting and production preserves the essential nutrients and antioxidants, ensuring NingXia Red is packed with maximal health benefits.

Quality Testing

Every NingXia Red batch undergoes rigorous testing for purity, potency, and safety. Conducted in state-of-the-art labs and supplemented by third-party testing, this stringent quality control guarantees NingXia Red’s superior standard.

Sealing and Distribution

Finally, the product is meticulously packaged and sealed, safeguarding its freshness and potency until it reaches you. This careful sealing process ensures each serving of NingXia Red remains as beneficial as intended by nature, supported by Young Living’s Seed to Seal® guarantee.

Embrace the Seed to Seal® Quality

Choosing NingXia Red is more than a health decision; it’s a stand for quality and sustainability. Through Young Living’s Seed to Seal® commitment, you support environmentally responsible practices while nurturing your body with the best nature has to offer.

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